2021 Printable Reading Log!!!!

IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! I'm so excited because this has been quietly in the works for some time, and it's finally ready for you. Woohoo!!!

My friend Rachel @rachscribbles has worked so hard to put this together for you. (I highly recommend her for projects like this at a great price). I wanted it to be both children and adult friendly, and I think she did a fantastic job pulling it all together.

After asking you on Instagram how many books you'd like to read in a year, 50 seemed like the magic number. You'll find 50 books on the shelves along with some plants, toys and other décor to color in.

You could color it all in right away and track your titles as you read, or you can fill out all of the titles you want to read this year and color them in as you read them. E and I typically write our titles in by the month and then color them in at the end of the month when we finish them.

Who am I kidding? More often than not, we probably read the books and then fill in both the titles and color when we have the time. Ha! Do whatever floats your boat. I just hope you LOVE IT as much as we do!

We printed ours in color because we were out of black ink (whoops!), but the picture will be even darker and more detailed in black.

I hope above all that this will be an encouraging and fun way to see your reading progress throughout the new year. If you decide to use it this year, please send me pictures and TAG ME on Instagram so I can see and share!

Print your FREE PDF HERE, or click on any of of the pictures above.

Merry Christmas Friends and happy reading!

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