Christmas Audio Dramas You'll Want to Know About

The next best thing to reading is audio dramas. Or maybe I like audio dramas even better than reading? I don't know. I do know when you have an a good audio drama though, it can be an incredible experience! And it's made even better when you share with your family.

Here is a short list of some of our favorite Christmas audio dramas.

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

A Christmas Carol

If you haven't listened to any of these productions yet by Focus on the Family, you are missing out on a real treat! This one is on sale on their website.

Little Women

So many people are telling me Little Women is one of their all-time favorite books! You won't want to miss this adaption. It is SO GOOD! And best of all, you can get it for free right now on Focus at Home.

Because of Covid, Focus on the Family is offering many of their audio productions for free right now on their Focus at Home website. They change up what is available every once in awhile, but everything there is GOLD! Sign up for all the freebies here.

Lamplighter Theatre

The Candle in the Window

Lamplighter Theatre's productions are some of my very favorites. They're a little pricey, but they make fantastic gifts! We always purchase the MP3's to save on cost. This Candle in the Window story is a favorite every single Christmas! But guess what?!? You can actually listen to it for FREE right now on Lamplighter's website! It's their Christmas gift to you!

Buried in the Snow

The awesome thing about Lamplighter's (as well as with Focus on the Family Radio and others), is that they are for the WHOLE family, not just the kids! Here is another Christmas favorite.

You Are There: Christmas

The You are There Series audio dramas are excellent. They really bring to life some of our favorite Bible Stories. This one is a MUST LISTEN for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Adventures in Odyssey

Back to Bethlehem

Parts 1-3 are FREE right now on Focus at Home. (Told you that is something you won't want to miss out on!)

The Star

Episodes 10 and 11 on this CD. Purchase on their website.

Colonial Radio Theatre

A Christmas Carol

Colonial Radio Theatre is another audio drama company I love. Don't miss their adaptation of A Christmas Carol. You can find this on Audible.

Your Story Hour

Christmas Stories

We love Your Story Hour! Here is a full CD or MP3 of just Christmas Stories! Available for purchase on their website.

Advent Story

The advent story is actually a part of their Bible Comes Alive series. You will find it on Album 4. Look for Mary of Nazareth (Track 11) and Born Under a Star (Track 12). You can purchase this on their website or listen for free on Hoopla.

Hoopla offers a bunch of Your Story Hour MP3's for FREE! Unfortunately, the Christmas Stories album is not on there, but the Bible Comes Alive Series is. Such a wealth of goodness in this series alone!

Moody Radio

Treasures of the Snow

If you have never read or heard of this story, you are missing out! Moody radio offers a free adaption of this story on the website!

Patch the Pirate

Harold the King

Here is a favorite Christmas story from Patch the Pirate. The fun thing about these is all the music!

Peanut Butter Christmas

Another fun Christmas story from Patch.


One last thing...if you're really into A Christmas Carol and you want to listen to it for FREE, check out this audio production on YouTube.

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!!!!

P. S. Headphones pictured above are the LilGadget Connect PRO Headphones for kids. Linked here.)

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