Help! How Do I Keep These Kids Busy? (Corona Crazy)

Wow! What a week! Has it been crazy for you? It’s amazing how fast our lives can change overnight, isn’t it!?

If you’re on social media at all, I’m sure you’ve noticed that one hot topic is kids being home all day long. That can be really hard, especially if you have just been "thrown" into it. The awesome thing is that companies and small businesses are taking huge advantage of this and are putting tons of free resources out there to help parents “keep their kids busy.” And let me tell you, even though we’ve been homeschooling already, we have been having a blast finding the best ones and using them ourselves.

Here is a round-up of the best ones we’ve found plus a few extra ideas for keeping those kiddos busy during this “Corona Crazy.”

Educational Resources:

All subjects:

Scholastic is offering free online classes for all grades. Find here.

This is a link I was really excited about. Free worksheets for several grades, and there are tons! Find here.


Cincinnati Zoo is doing a Facebook live each day at 3:00 Eastern showing off an animal of the day. We’ve been loving this.

This is a fantastic link with over 30 links for virtual field trips.

Arts and Crafts:

Sarah Jane has been putting out a craft video with free printables every weekday. E has been loving this!

This one is not new, but I love this for when I need a few minutes to take a phone call or get some work done without interruption. Rob teaches kids how to draw on Art For Kids Hub and uploads lessons each week, so there is always new content.

Now this one is really cool for older kids and teens. Trisha is offering free stop motion classes, and although we haven’t tried them out yet, they look really fun!

Amazon Resources for Keeping Hands Busy:

Of course we don't want the kiddos to be stuck doing schoolwork all day or sitting in front of a screen for that matter. Amazon is still delivering, although it may not be as quick. And since your kids may be home for another month, you may be interested in grabbing a few fun things to help keep their hands and minds busy. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

Paint by Sticker: This is a really fun activity that will keep them busy for awhile.

Step-by-Step Drawing: E loves, loves, loves this, and to be honest I do too. We enjoy doing these together. It is extremely simple to follow, and teaches you how to make animals with simple shapes.

My Little House Paper Dolls: Although this is a bit of a chore for the parent initially, paper dolls are loads of fun! (Typically I cut out a couple of things each time she pulls these out so it's so so overwhelming.) I like this one because it comes with a their little house too. (Photos today are of E playing with these.)

Pop Snap Beads: Another favorite. You can make all kinds of jewelry or whatever you want, and when you're done, you can just take them all apart and start over. These are great for keeping little hands busy!

Pick up Sticks: This is a really fun and easy game for kids to do together. This is the exact one we have. It also includes Jacks, which is another great game, but I find it's a bit hard for young children.

Table Tennis: This is so cool! The retractable net hooks up to your kitchen table and easily turns it into a ping pong table. We have been loving this!

Sunday School Resources:

Are you stuck at home on Sunday over the next few weeks because of everything that is going on? Here are some of our favorite Sunday School resources for having a lesson at home. (These are also great for family Bible time.)

This one is my favorite because every lesson comes with everything you need--lessons, related coloring pages, word searches, quizzes, and more. Best resource for these things. This one is great for family Bible time as well if you're looking for help in that area just because everything is already prepared for you.

This is a great site for finding pictures for the Bible story you want to tell. For example, if you find a story on Sermons 4 Kids that you want to do with your children, you can hop over here, search for the story in the search bar, and then use the pictures on this site to tell the story. So awesome!

Happy Hymnody

April puts up a new hymn at the beginning of each month. The goal is to learn the hymn by the end of the month. Each hymn comes with a little bit of background about the hymn and some free printables that go along with it. Learning a hymn together as a family may be a fun thing to do while you are all home and worshiping the Lord together!

So many things here for keeping those kiddos busy. Hopefully you'll find a few of these links useful. Stay healthy and safe...and busy! :)

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