Top Five Amazon Purchases of 2019 and Learning as We Go

If you've been following along on my Instagram stories today, you know I went over my top 5 Amazon purchases from 2019.

Well, I found out today that I can't get paid through links in my direct messages! No wonder I've only made a little over a dollar in the last two months! Ha! Rookie over here! That's ok! Learning as I go. Here are all the link ups from my stories today.

1. Fabric Shaver: This little guy proved to be the most popular item for everyone over on my Instagram this year, and it's no surprise! Coming in at around $10, it does wonders to make your pilling clothes (and furniture) look new!

2. Journals: I love love love these mostly because they are pretty! And when one fills up, I can just get a new one. My favorite way to use these is for Bible study, and I also really like using them as a brain dump. That's where I put all my jumbled thoughts down for my blog and IG account.

3. Plant Book: If you're a plant mom, this book is basically a must!

4. French Press: One of my husband's all time favorite things in the kitchen. I am not a coffee drinker myself, but he says it makes the coffee taste really, really good. I like to use it for Crio Bru.

5. Hold Your Pencil Right Pencil Gripper: If you are a mom with a little who will not hold their pencil properly, this gripper basically FORCES them too. It's awesome to because it can be used for lefties and righties!

Bonus. Oven Mitt: These oven mitts have been a life save! They are almost completely covered in silicone (which I love), but they are still pretty! Best part is you get 2 with this purchase.

Over the next few weeks of January, I'll be sharing more of our favorites from 2019. Hope you enjoy!

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